A Mare for Young Wolf: Random House. Young Wolf chooses a mare, Red Wind, for his first horse. He thinks she is the smartest, most beautiful horse in his father's herd. But the village bully makes fun of him, because Comanches believed mares were for women and children - not for warriors. ISBN 0-679-83445-1
Young Wolf's First Hunt: Random House. More than anything Young Wolf wants to be a man. He thinks killing his first buffalo is the way. He begs his father to let him go on the buffalo hunt, but as they start out, Young Wolf grows fearful and wonders why he begged to come. ISBN 0-679-86364-8
Young Wolf and Spirit Horse: Random House. One night a wild stallion steals Red Wind away. Young Wolf is determined to get her back even though his father says no man can take a mare from a stallion. Young Wolf sets out to find her and finds more than he is looking for! ISBN 0-679-88207-3

Author's note...
When Tom was growing up, he was sent to a boarding school in Arizona where every boy had a horse. Tom's parents could not afford an expensive polo horse, so they bought a small mustang named Choppo. Some boys made fun of him just like the boys make fun of Young Wolf. But Tom loved Choppo, and after a few falls, they became friends.

I love nerds (I married one) and wanted to write a story about a boy who follows his heart in spite of what others think. Once I created Young Wolf I fell in love and wrote two more stories about him. Now there is another one, Son of Spirit Horse, for slightly older readers.

Son of Spirit Horse:
Eakin Press. Young Wolf wants to win the horse race at the tribal fair. So does Little Big Mouth. And that is how the trouble starts. Can Young Wolf's colt, Snow Wind, run as fast as his father, the legendary wild white stallion? Young Wolf thinks so. But Little Big Mouth knows a secret about Snow Wind that could keep him from winning the race. Neither boy can imagine what he will win and lose.
Children's Crown Award List
ISBN 1-57168-833-1

Read about a love story between a boy who did not like to read and a book.