Questions you might ask Tom:

Q. Who is THAT?
A. Me - got any more questions?

Q. I can't draw.
A. That is NOT a question, and it is NOT true.

Here's how you can draw a horse:
You need a model, either live or in a photo.
When you look at this rearing horse, Bebe, you are not just seeing a horse. You are seeing shapes that are following lines of force rising from the ground, following certain directions we call gestures.

To start, get out a sheet of unlined paper and a pencil, pen or marker. Then ...

#1 Begin from the ground, zigzagging up her hind legs, around her behind, zooming up her backbone, over her neck to her ears, then down her face to her nostrils.

#2 From her backbone swish out to her bent knees and down to her front hoofs.

#3 You can enhance her gestures with her swishing tail.

Then using the gesture lines as a guide, you can outline her body with contour lines.

Finally, you can make her a three-dimensional creature by more little contour lines and shading.
See? You CAN draw!