Sophie's War
The Journal of Anna Sophie Franziska Guenther
Eakin Press

The Texas Institute of Letters
Friends of the Austin Public Library Award Finalist
2006 Best Young Adult Book

Dear Reader, I am afraid for us.
So begins Sophie's journal on Christmas Eve, 1861. And no wonder. She lives in Comfort, Texas, during the Civil War and her father makes no secret of being a Unionist in a state that has left the Union. Terrible things are happening to German Texans like Sophie's family because they are on the wrong side.
Ages 9 and up
ISBN 1571688803

Author's note...
My German ancestors were peasants who came to Texas in 1845. The Texas Trilogy is based on their experiences. But there was another group of Germans who came around 1850 and settled in Comfort and Sisterdale in the Texas hill country. They were highly educated in German Universities, but fled their fatherland after the failed 1848 revolution. Freethinkers, they called themselves. Latin farmers, others called them, for they read and spoke Latin among themselves. During the Civil War they were called traitors for believing in the Union.