Reading & Signing Events

    If you missed the launch of our first book for grownups:

    Honeymoon Hobos
    A Journey Around a World that Once Was

    You can read all about it on our blog entry
    for September 23, 2011.
Click here.

    Book News

    Lots of excitement here! Copies of the Korean edition of
    I, Papa Haydn arrived all the way from Seoul. It seems
    that Korean parents want their children to learn about western
    high culture. Now all we need is an American publisher to
    purchase the foreign rights so that American children can
    learn about western high culture. We will keep you posted.

     Kids in Korea can now learn about the composer
     Antonio Vivaldi in the recently published Korean translation
     of I, Vivaldi. To see how it looks, go to the Shefelmans' blog
     and read the entry for February 10, 2010. Click here.

     I, Vivaldi received the 2009-10 Kids' Wings Award
     for excellence in children's literature. The selection committee
     called it "fresh and resounding with new ideas that, through
     history, will build character, inspire young readers and writers,
     and provide many curriculum connections."
     For more click here.

     I, Vivaldi has been chosen as an honor book for the
     2009 Storytelling Awards. For more click here.

     12,500 children from across America have chosen I, Vivaldi
     for the
Children's Choices 2009 award given by the
     International Reading Association and the Children's Book
     Council. For more click here.

     The Triple Crown National Book Award Program announced
     that I, Vivaldi is a nominee for the 2010 Children's Crown
     Gallery Award
. This program chooses an annual list of books.
     Students read them and vote for their favorite.
     Vote for Vivaldi, kids!

     PEN USA announced that I, Vivaldi was a finalist for the
     2009 Literary Award in Children's Literature for work that
     "represents the best in the Western United States."

     Sophie's War, a Civil War story set in Comfort, Texas, was
     recently used by a teacher there to connect her class to the
     history of their town. To read about "Sophie's Comfort"
     History Walk click here.