Cover art by Tom Shefelman

Comanche Song
by Janice Shefelman

Eakin Press. In 1840 Tsena, son of a Comanche chief, goes with his father and other chiefs to a peace council with the Texans in San Antonio. The council turns violent, casting Tsena briefly into white man's world, but ultimately on a warpath of revenge that leads across Texas to the Great Water.
New York Public Library: Best Books for the Teen Age.
Texas Institute of Letters: Best Children's Book Finalist
Children's Crown Award List
ISBN 1-57168-397-6

Author's note...
Our family owned a ranch in the Texas hill country where we found many arrowheads. I began to wonder about the Comanches who once lived there. In a wonderful book, Comanches by T.R. Fehrenbach, I read that the band who lived in the area of our ranch was involved in two bloody encounters with Texans in 1840, the Council House Massacre and the Battle of Plum Creek.
Comanche Song is based on those two events. Although history is usually written from the Texan point of view, I wanted to know what it might have been like for a sixteen-year-old Comanche boy who was there. His name is Tsena, and his life was changed forever.