About School Visits

Janice Shefelman enjoys visiting schools to show students the process of making books from the first idea to page proofs. She also has slides of some of the real people and places in her books as well as a visual tour of the home and studios where she and Tom live and work. Her presentations are for second grade up to middle school, depending on the books read in preparation for her visit.

Tom Shefelman occasionally visits schools with Janice. Their joint presentation is for picture book ages. It includes some sketching by the illustrator and slides of the evolution of a painting from rough storyboard sketch to finished illustration.

A note from the author

The most important preparation for a school visit is to have the students read or hear our books read. The presentation is dependent upon familiarity with the stories and characters.

We hope that you will want to offer a selection of our books for sale prior to the visit. To help in that process we have a suggested book order form for parents that includes an annotated list of titles. We can also recommend book suppliers.


Authorís honorarium for two presentations (or one presentation plus visits to classrooms):  $1000/day + travel expenses.

With Tom Shefelman for three presentations:  $1500/day +  travel expenses.

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